biomech, organic,
abstract tattoos
in Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Hi, I am Alex Sholokhov,

a biomech-tattooartist from Russia.

I work in my private tattoo studio in Saint-Petersburg, the Northern Capital of Russia. I have been tattooing since 2003 specializing in biomechanical, organic, abstract, and cyber-punk designs. All projects in my portfolio are conceptualized and executed by myself. If you like my works and want to get a tattoo by me – you are welcome. It is not difficult to travel to Saint-Petersburg, more over, the exchange rate between euro/dollar and ruble makes your trip cheaper comparing to trips to other countries. Saint-Petersburg is also the cultural capital of Russia which offers various kinds of entertainment to the tourists with different tastes, so if you come here you can combine the useful with the pleasant. My studio is located not far from the city centre and my practice of work with clients from other countries will let plan your visit efficiently and comfortably. Communication is not a problem, if we speak English. To get more info about conditions of my work and for more vizit planning details, send me a message on facebook or an e-mail. See you!

if you want to get tattoo by me or ask me question and know more details about conditions of my work, please send me message on:
Alexandr Sholohov